Feb 16, 2009

Exercising and Seniors

A study was done on 117 senior citizens on whether or not exercising helped their body’s ability to guard against insulin resistance and improved their motor skills. The study was done with part of the group doing just aerobic exercises, just resistance training, no exercise at all, and a combination of both aerobic and resistance training. The researchers measured body fat, muscle mass, and insulin resistance at the beginning and end of every workout. They found that the groups who had aerobic exercises in their work out had improved rates of insulin resistance. They also found that exercise in general, no matter what kind, greatly improved motor function in seniors. Exercise is good for everyone, not just seniors, it gets us up and moving using our muscles to get us into a more healthy state and lower the risk of complications.


Feb 3, 2009

Review of Workout and Dieting Products


Have you ever found yourself sitting on your couch at midnight, eating a pint of ice cream, while watching skinny people prance around in leotards, promising that you can too lose 20 pounds in 20 days for the special price of $29.99? 

Yes, infomercials, the promise of flat stomachs and smaller jeans, but do these products really work?  I must say I have a sore spot for infomercials and advertisements that give me the illusion of becoming fit and slim again; so I have bought, tired, and reviewed the following items and diets:

1.      Mari Winsor Pilates;

2.      Yoga Booty Ballet;

3.      The Firm Total Body TransFIRMation System;

4.      The Jack La Lanne Power Juicer Classic;

5.      Acai Berry Juice;

6.      Atkins; and

7.      Weight Watchers.

Read the articles below for my personal experience with each item listed above.

Please note, I am not a doctor, or health professional, and these reviews are based on my own personal experience.  Individual results may vary, and you should consult with your physician before beginning any diet, or exercise plan.

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Feb 3, 2009

Review of the Atkins Diet


When I first started this diet a few years ago, I lost about 20 pounds in one month; however, after about 2 months, I couldn’t even look at meat anymore; yet alone eat it. I think this is a good diet to jump start your weight loss, but I wouldn’t recommend staying on it long term. I find it relatively easy to find low carb foods at your local grocery store, and some restaurants also offer low carb menu options, such as TGI Fridays. If you love meat, you would probably do well on this diet, but if you are a bread lover like me, you might want to try another diet for long term weight loss.

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Feb 3, 2009

Review of the Weight Watchers Diet


After the Atkins Diet, I started Weight Watchers to continue my weight loss.  I lost another 20 pounds; but instead of losing the weight in one month, I lost the weight over several months.  However, I was much happier and enjoyed a better variety of foods while on Weight Watchers, as opposed to Atkins.  I didn’t like having to count points, but I believe Weight Watchers now has a new alternative program that doesn’t track points.  Also, I was fortunate enough to receive some of the Weight Watchers books for free.  My friend had several Weight Watchers books and gave me a few of them for free.  So, I lost weight without attending Weight Watchers’ meetings or participating in their online program.   

Also, sometimes I like to eat out, so I really liked that Applebee’s Restaurant has a Weight Watchers menu.  Additionally, if you look around your local grocery store, you will notice that Weight Watchers has an array of food that displays the servings and points right on the packaging, including ice cream products, which taste very good.  Sometimes these items tend to be more costly, but if you are not too concerned about your budget, these items definitely make the Weight Watchers diet easier to follow.

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Nov 14, 2008

Helpful Hints For Weight Loss

You Can Do It!

You Can Do It!

The best thing to do when you’re thinking about loosing weight is talking to your doctor or a dietitian about a healthy weight loss program.  You can figure what weight is healthy for you and set realistic goals.  Being safe is important when you start your journey towards weight loss.  Too often you see commercials for fad diets that may make you loose weight quickly but can be dangerou to your health and are not proven to keep the weight off in the long run anyway.  Loosing weight is not only about how you appear on the outside but the mental and emotional changes are very profound as well. Also, if you are overweight you have more of a risk for heart disease or high blood pressure, just to name a few conditions, so cutting down on your weight is a very healthy life choice. 

Here are some tips to help you:

Try to start of with small changes, such as shrinking your portion sizes or cutting your soda out of your diet. You would be surprised at how many calories are in sugary drinks.  Taking out just one of those a day can save you between 100-200 calories.  Try and substitute water or other sugar free drinks instead of sodas and drinks like that. 

Don’t starve yourself, studies show-skipping breakfast does not cut out calories it actually can lead to gained weight.  Eating small healthy snacks such as fruits or vegetables can make you eat less during major meals.  This may help you decrease in calories throughout the day without making you feel hungry.  Fruits and vegetables work in two ways, they not only help you loose weight but are good for the overall health of your body.  Five servings a day is the recommended amount.  Also some other tricks to help you cut back the calories are switching your bread and milk.  Changing from white bread to whole wheat and also your milk from whole milk to non-fat milk will help as well. 

Slow down your eating.  They say it takes your brain about 20 minutes to realize that you are full.  Just slowing down your eating my help you put down the fork and not automatically go for that second helping.  Other things may make you eat as well as being sad or boredom.  Try to avoid this type of eating and replace it with another activity such as reading, drawing, or taking a walk.  AFood Diary is helpful to some people.  That way you can notice trends of when you’re eating and why.  This may help you substitute your behaviors with something healthy.  A dietitian would be a very good person to talk to that may help with starting your diary. 

Start exercising.  If you don’t exercise now it is ok, you can start gradually.  Maybe walking around the block a few times or work in your garden, just something to get your level of fitness on the upswing.  Your goal is to work up to having 30 minutes of exercise a day.  Muscle burns more calories then fat so working on this in your exercise routine will be a plus to you and your weight loss.  Try to have a well-rounded workout, include muscle building, aerobics, and stretching. 

Be nice to yourself.  If you fall off the horse just get back on.  Start your weight loss routine again as quickly as you can.  Don’t be too hard on yourself.  Loosing weight is very difficult and won’t always go perfectly.  Just don’t give up!

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