Feb 19, 2009

Health Pros In The Stimulus Bill

The economic stimulus plan is giving health care spending over $140 billion.  The money is being divided into many plans of actions in areas of the field that need relief.

$19 Billion in grants are going to updating medical equipment used for prescribing and making records electronic.  Most companies have not done this yet because of how expensive it is to make the upgrade.  This gesture is making and effort to improve the efficiency long term in the medical field.   

$25 Billion is going to help COBRA, for employees who lost their jobs and receive COBRA for health insurance, they right now have to pay the full premium alone.  The bill will help lower income workers and pay 65% of their coverage. 

$87 Billion will help Medicaid who right now need to make cutbacks on insurance to make up for not meeting the budget.  The bill will make it so they do not have to make the cutbacks and can continue like normal. 

$1.1 Billion are going to medical research in comparing drugs to see which one is most beneficial to the patient.  Some drugs work just as well as the other, but one maybe a lot cheaper.  So this money will go to determining the best drug possible for the patient.