Apr 15, 2009

Drinking Ice Cold Water Can Help You Lose Weight!


A few years ago, a fellow employee told me she read a book that said to help with weight loss, you shouldn’t drink cold water; but instead, drink room-temperature water.  From that moment on, I began drinking room-temperature water, foregoing all offers of ice from hosts, and refusing to put my bottled water in the refrigerator.

Then, as luck would have it, while on vacation, I saw a television show that said drinking ice cold water actually burns calories!!  I was astonished, and decided to skip the beach and listen to what this show had to say.  To think, all of these years I have been avoiding cold water to lose weight, and the very opposite was true!

So, how does this phenomenon work?  Well, it is very simple.  When you consume ice cold water, your body actually has to “work,” i.e. burn calories to warm up the water.  Depending on how much water you drink, this can add up to 5lbs or more per year in weight loss; just for enjoying a nice, refreshing glass of ice cold water!  It is estimated that each 16 ounce glass of ice cold water you drink, burns about 17 to 18 calories, which seems nominal at first; but if you add up all of the glasses of ice cold water you drink per day, and then per year, those calories really start to stack up in your favor!

So, the next time a host offers you some ice for your water, smile and say, yes please!

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Feb 26, 2009

Study On Risk For Women With Alcohol


Women and drinking do not mix well says a new study.  Over a million middle aged women were followed for about 6 to 7 years in the United Kingdom.  They found that women who had any type of alcohol a day,  had a greater risk in getting cancer.  Certain kinds of cancers were more probable such as breast, liver, and rectum.  The mouth, throat, and esophagus were more common in women who drank and smoked.  For the first time researchers are saying that even low to moderate alcohol use can give women a greater risk for cancer. Last year about 250,000 had breast cancer and a study showed that over 25,000 of them were affiliated with alcohol.

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Feb 25, 2009

Potato Product Recall


There has been a recall of potato products made by Northern Star Co..  Here is a list of the products that have been recalled.  They are saying that if you cook the potato to 160 degrees on the inside it will kill the Listeria bacteria that has been found in the products.  No one has fallen ill over this recall as of yet. 


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Feb 23, 2009

Survey About Strokes

A telephone survey was done on how well people can recognize stroke symptoms when they see them and know to get help.  Over 85,000 people were surveyed and they found that about 1 in 5 people were able to identify all of the warning signs of a stroke.  One of the stroke symptoms almost everyone could pick out which was weakness in the arms, legs, or face.  Only a little over half of the people surveyed, knew that a quick onset of a severe headache was also a sign of a stroke.

Feb 19, 2009

Health Pros In The Stimulus Bill

The economic stimulus plan is giving health care spending over $140 billion.  The money is being divided into many plans of actions in areas of the field that need relief.

$19 Billion in grants are going to updating medical equipment used for prescribing and making records electronic.  Most companies have not done this yet because of how expensive it is to make the upgrade.  This gesture is making and effort to improve the efficiency long term in the medical field.   

$25 Billion is going to help COBRA, for employees who lost their jobs and receive COBRA for health insurance, they right now have to pay the full premium alone.  The bill will help lower income workers and pay 65% of their coverage. 

$87 Billion will help Medicaid who right now need to make cutbacks on insurance to make up for not meeting the budget.  The bill will make it so they do not have to make the cutbacks and can continue like normal. 

$1.1 Billion are going to medical research in comparing drugs to see which one is most beneficial to the patient.  Some drugs work just as well as the other, but one maybe a lot cheaper.  So this money will go to determining the best drug possible for the patient.

Feb 17, 2009

Texting Shows Improvement


Texting after a teen faints or has a panic attack has proven to be a sign that they are improving.  Places such as concerts and festivals uses this to determine how the teens are doing they say.  A lot of times during the shows they see hundreds of people an hour especially teens.  Some have fainted or panicked due to large crushing crowds, or not have enough fluids in them or being in one position standing still too long.  The medical workers at these festivals say that once the teens start texting it shows them they are thinking cognitively and using dexterity.  They also look for the normal signs of being able to go about and walk and talk normally.  This also takes brain function and is a good sign the teen is getting better. 

Feb 16, 2009

Exercising and Seniors

A study was done on 117 senior citizens on whether or not exercising helped their body’s ability to guard against insulin resistance and improved their motor skills. The study was done with part of the group doing just aerobic exercises, just resistance training, no exercise at all, and a combination of both aerobic and resistance training. The researchers measured body fat, muscle mass, and insulin resistance at the beginning and end of every workout. They found that the groups who had aerobic exercises in their work out had improved rates of insulin resistance. They also found that exercise in general, no matter what kind, greatly improved motor function in seniors. Exercise is good for everyone, not just seniors, it gets us up and moving using our muscles to get us into a more healthy state and lower the risk of complications.


Feb 4, 2009

Satisfy Your Chocolate Cravings with Guilt Free Vitalicious Treats

Do you constantly crave chocolate, but worry about the lasting impression it leaves on your weight?  Well, if you’re a chocolate lover like me, you will be delighted to know that Vitalicious makes guilt free chocolate treats, ranging from muffin tops to brownies. I don’t know about you but I love brownies! 

What makes these chocolate treats guilt free?  Well, unlike traditional chocolate treats, Vitalicious products only have 100 calories per serving, and pack a whopping 4 to 7 grams of fiber, and 4 grams of protein.  Additionally, Vitalicious treats are low-fat, trans-fat free and cholesterol free.  So the next time you’re craving chocolate, enjoy a guilt free Vitalicious Brownie.

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Feb 4, 2009

Taking Advantage of Your Cable TV Services


In today’s economy every penny counts, which is why some people may be reluctant to spend extra money on gym memberships and fitness DVDs.  Also, even though walking and running around your neighborhood are good free alternatives for working out, right now in most parts of the country it is very cold outside. 

That is why I am happy to report that Comcast Cable offers exercise programs on their On Demand Channel.  If you go to the On Demand Channel and click on Sports and Fitness, you will see a variety of exercise programs available; including an exercise program by Jillian Michaels (fitness trainer for the television show Biggest Loser).

So the next time you want to work out, but don’t want to step out in to the cold, or spend money on expensive gym memberships, turn on the On Demand Channel instead and check out all of the exercise programs available.

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Feb 4, 2009

More News About Peanut Butter Recall


There is now a Nation wide recall of all peanut butter products from the last couple of years at the Peanut Corporation of America’s Georgia plant. Peanut Corporation of America has recalled all products from January 1, 2007 until the present. They did not tell State and Federal Authorities about the extent of the salmonella contamination. Officials are trying to find out if all of the contaminated products have already been used or are still on shelves, they do not know the extent of the problem at this time. There is going to be a federal investigation of criminal acts involving the Georgia plant. You can go to the FDA’s website to find a list of recall products. There is also a list of products that are safe to eat at the American Peanut Council. Outbreaks of salmonella have seemed to of calmed down recently. But still check out products before consuming them.