Feb 3, 2009

Review of Workout and Dieting Products


Have you ever found yourself sitting on your couch at midnight, eating a pint of ice cream, while watching skinny people prance around in leotards, promising that you can too lose 20 pounds in 20 days for the special price of $29.99? 

Yes, infomercials, the promise of flat stomachs and smaller jeans, but do these products really work?  I must say I have a sore spot for infomercials and advertisements that give me the illusion of becoming fit and slim again; so I have bought, tired, and reviewed the following items and diets:

1.      Mari Winsor Pilates;

2.      Yoga Booty Ballet;

3.      The Firm Total Body TransFIRMation System;

4.      The Jack La Lanne Power Juicer Classic;

5.      Acai Berry Juice;

6.      Atkins; and

7.      Weight Watchers.

Read the articles below for my personal experience with each item listed above.

Please note, I am not a doctor, or health professional, and these reviews are based on my own personal experience.  Individual results may vary, and you should consult with your physician before beginning any diet, or exercise plan.

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Feb 3, 2009

Review of Acai Berry Juice


I have been seeing tons of advertisements for Acai Berry Juice and Acai Berry diet pills, so I decided to give the juice a try.  I paid about $20.00 for a 32 ounce bottle (I drink about 2 ounces every morning), and to date, I have not noticed anything different; especially not weight loss.  I continued to buy the juice, even though I wasn’t losing weight because the health benefits are suppose to be very positive; however, now that I have my juicer, I am going to stop buying Acai Berry Juice.

It should be noted that a study was done and showed that Acai Berry Juice actually reduced leukemia cells.  So, if you are suffering from leukemia, you should discuss taking Acai Berry Juice with your physician. It may help, and can be purchased at health food stores like the Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, and Wegmans.