Feb 3, 2009

Review of the Weight Watchers Diet


After the Atkins Diet, I started Weight Watchers to continue my weight loss.  I lost another 20 pounds; but instead of losing the weight in one month, I lost the weight over several months.  However, I was much happier and enjoyed a better variety of foods while on Weight Watchers, as opposed to Atkins.  I didn’t like having to count points, but I believe Weight Watchers now has a new alternative program that doesn’t track points.  Also, I was fortunate enough to receive some of the Weight Watchers books for free.  My friend had several Weight Watchers books and gave me a few of them for free.  So, I lost weight without attending Weight Watchers’ meetings or participating in their online program.   

Also, sometimes I like to eat out, so I really liked that Applebee’s Restaurant has a Weight Watchers menu.  Additionally, if you look around your local grocery store, you will notice that Weight Watchers has an array of food that displays the servings and points right on the packaging, including ice cream products, which taste very good.  Sometimes these items tend to be more costly, but if you are not too concerned about your budget, these items definitely make the Weight Watchers diet easier to follow.

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