Feb 23, 2009

Survey About Strokes

A telephone survey was done on how well people can recognize stroke symptoms when they see them and know to get help.  Over 85,000 people were surveyed and they found that about 1 in 5 people were able to identify all of the warning signs of a stroke.  One of the stroke symptoms almost everyone could pick out which was weakness in the arms, legs, or face.  Only a little over half of the people surveyed, knew that a quick onset of a severe headache was also a sign of a stroke.

Feb 16, 2009

Exercising and Seniors

A study was done on 117 senior citizens on whether or not exercising helped their body’s ability to guard against insulin resistance and improved their motor skills. The study was done with part of the group doing just aerobic exercises, just resistance training, no exercise at all, and a combination of both aerobic and resistance training. The researchers measured body fat, muscle mass, and insulin resistance at the beginning and end of every workout. They found that the groups who had aerobic exercises in their work out had improved rates of insulin resistance. They also found that exercise in general, no matter what kind, greatly improved motor function in seniors. Exercise is good for everyone, not just seniors, it gets us up and moving using our muscles to get us into a more healthy state and lower the risk of complications.


Feb 4, 2009

More News About Peanut Butter Recall


There is now a Nation wide recall of all peanut butter products from the last couple of years at the Peanut Corporation of America’s Georgia plant. Peanut Corporation of America has recalled all products from January 1, 2007 until the present. They did not tell State and Federal Authorities about the extent of the salmonella contamination. Officials are trying to find out if all of the contaminated products have already been used or are still on shelves, they do not know the extent of the problem at this time. There is going to be a federal investigation of criminal acts involving the Georgia plant. You can go to the FDA’s website to find a list of recall products. There is also a list of products that are safe to eat at the American Peanut Council. Outbreaks of salmonella have seemed to of calmed down recently. But still check out products before consuming them.

Feb 4, 2009

Best If Consumed By



Researchers have found people that have food in their home that is past the “Best If Consumed By” on the packaging are more likely to eat it past its date then if they find that in the stores.  They say that this is bad for health and safety because bacteria may start to slowly grow into the foods that people are eating.  Also, foods past the “Best If Consumed By” date may also taste bad as well.  Foods in cans are fine if they are not dented or leaking, the bacteria should not be present if the cans are intact.  But again, they will probably taste bad.  Yogurt is a good example of food that people eat past its date.

Feb 3, 2009

Review of the Firm Total Body TransFIRMation System


I bought this system myself for about $70.00, with shipping.  I thought it was a little overpriced, and was upset when I found it in stores several months later for about $30.00.  I originally bought this system because it comes with 2 sets of weights, so my boyfriend and I could workout together. I think if you can easily grasp aerobic moves and have a lot of energy, this system is right for you.  I, however, do not grasp aerobic moves easily, and was literally running around in complete confusion trying to do these moves. I was completely exhausted and couldn’t wait for the DVD to be over.  I believe the DVD in the collection that left me wishing for a refund, was called Cardio Party and possibly Cardio Overdrive (I tried to erase the painful episodes from my memory). 

There is however, a weight lifting DVD called Hi-Def Sculpt that I was able to follow along with.  I really liked this DVD and how it provides toning for my arms and chest, but the aerobics/cardio DVDs are too fast and complicated for me to grasp.  I would save your money, buy a set of 5 pound weights and do the Yoga Booty Ballet DVDs instead, or I would just purchase the Hi-Def Sculpt DVD.

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Feb 3, 2009

Review of the Jack La Lanne Power Juicer


I like fruit and I like juice, so I knew I couldn’t go wrong with this product!  I bought the Jack La Lanne Power Juicer Classic at a Department Store for about $99.99 and I really enjoy using it.  However, after only about 1 month, it seems to be losing its gusto; so I am going to exchange it for the new Jack La Lanne Juicer model with the no-drip spout. 

The original model (the one I purchased), has a spout that drips, which can be a hassle.  The other hassle is the clean-up afterwards.  I make large pitchers of juice at a time, and there is a lot of fruit pulp and clean-up involved.  However, all of the juice I drink tastes amazing, and I think if you can afford to get a Juicer and have some spare time, you should definitely consider this product.

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Feb 3, 2009

Review of Acai Berry Juice


I have been seeing tons of advertisements for Acai Berry Juice and Acai Berry diet pills, so I decided to give the juice a try.  I paid about $20.00 for a 32 ounce bottle (I drink about 2 ounces every morning), and to date, I have not noticed anything different; especially not weight loss.  I continued to buy the juice, even though I wasn’t losing weight because the health benefits are suppose to be very positive; however, now that I have my juicer, I am going to stop buying Acai Berry Juice.

It should be noted that a study was done and showed that Acai Berry Juice actually reduced leukemia cells.  So, if you are suffering from leukemia, you should discuss taking Acai Berry Juice with your physician. It may help, and can be purchased at health food stores like the Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, and Wegmans.